"Põrgu" or "Hell"

An Estonian grotesque animated film by Rein Raamat, Tallinnfilm, 1983. The animation brings three Eduard Viiralt (Wiiralt) engravings from the 1930's to life:

"The Preacher“
Eduard Wiiralt Preacher 1930
Eduard Wiiralt Cabaret
and “Hell"
Eduard Wiiralt Hell Porgu 1932

"The engravings and the animation were created in a time of great uncertainties: in the 1930's Viiralt was reacting to the anticipation of the War and in the 1980's Raamat was having a presentiment of the chaos that the USSR’s collapse would bring about. Both depicting a feast in the time of plague, indulgence, and surreal satirical representations of people’s vices."

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*More Art by Wiiralt:

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